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Read who's hiring! Some cool jobs from writing to gaming to styling!

Happy Tuesday darling readers! The universe finally seems to be making peace with me after the crazy strokes of unfortunate luck I've been having! All's well that ends well & I've had the BEST last few days, *touch wood* being at the right time, at the right place, meeting the right people! ! (fingers crossed the good run continues!).
My experience at FICCI was immense fun, & I feel a tad bit knowledgeable too :) Plus I've still to get rid of the silly smile that's been plastered over my face courtesy SRK ..!

Anyways, as some of you who know me well would know, my professional life's been a mad roller-coaster & genuine search attempts haven't done any good yet! (yes! I can almost sense some snickering). With my details plastered all over the www, I get these news feeds, or genuine well-wishers forwarding me job-spots hoping that kama-dev showers his blessings & I do end up being employed after all. Some are real good, some are bleh, some I don't even want to mention.

While I earnestly apply & wait for the suitable ones to work out, there are many which just end up in my trash. Instead, I thought I'd share some of these real cool oppurtunities with you guys, & you never know, it might actually work for you or someone else you know. (psst: If you do come across some, feel free to pass it on, so I share it! let's do someone some good :)

Funaholics events present "Basic Photography Workshop 2011"

If Photography is an activity you enjoy and wish you knew more about taking good photos than just hitting the capture button, then "Basic Photography Workshop 2011" by Funaholics Events is the right stop for you!

Organised on 27th March 2011 at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, photographer Dinesh Joshi will guide the participants thru the basics of the art of photography & learning more about the technical aspects of the camera that help enhance better pictures. Lucky few also get a chance to WIN an opportunity to assist the photographer in some of his project.

IDPA Awards for Excellence 2010 Call for Entries! (documentary/short-films)

This the season to win an award or two! Since almost every big publishing house or production house is hosting their own award, we seems to have more award shows than hit films that one can boast of. But without getting too cynical lets just believe its a compliment for the hard work of the winners! (moreso the deserving ones). 

But in all the glitz-glamour of filmi business, smaller meaningful work of documentaries get brushed aside. Thats where the IDPA Awards for excellence takes centre-stage applauding interest of documentary and independent, short film makers. So if you have had a documentary cut last year and truly believe your work deserves its recognition, submit them at IDPA. details here

About IDPA: Indian Documentary Producers’ Association(IDPA) is a non-profit organisation that came into being in 1956. It is registered as a public trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. Today IDPA is India’s single largest association of producers of documentaries, animation films, advertisement films and TV programmes.

Adverts delight - Vodafone 3G 'Super ZooZoo to the brands rescue'!

Many would agree with me that Vodafone's ZOOZOO's are one of the best things to happen to Indian Advertising. They clicked instantly, had great recall + repeat values, and cut thru to appeal to various age-groups (something that very few campaigns manage).

Though I did agree with L.S.Bhat that there was a time when the character (ZooZoo) was getting larger than the brand (Vodafone) , but all in all, it was any brand's or agency's dream campaign! 

Then came a phase in between when the ads were getting lesser creative, they were losing sheen, some spots were better than others, the attraction wasn't as strong as it was when they started. But with the launch of the new 3G service by Vodafone, they have unveiled a new commercial which correctly highlights the USP of the service - faster, smarter, better! The mascot is the same, the avataar is different. The execution is good, the vibe is positive, the message is clear, simple without being preachy. For me, its a great campaign and half the battle won! 

(Now its left to see how good the service actually is! those trying it out, do share your feedback)


Happy Holi! !

Wish you guys a very HAPPY & SAFE HOLI! For those interested to know, I didn't play this year (haven't since leaving school 10 yrs back :)  I just grew out of it! Prefer stepping out a mini-vacation. Sadly between all the work, couldn't do that either. But for those who did, hope you guys had a blast.

And absolutely no holi is complete without Anu Malik's tribute to the celebration. So 'Do Me a Favour, Lets' Play HOLI'

Have fun, play safe!

Tweet-O-Tales - Crazy stories from 'Twitter'land!!

When I wrote about having 'a helluva experience' at Terence-Guiness event, I was certainly not talking about a minor fall, missed event & car troubles. Life seems to have taken my 'it can't get worse than this' attitude as a challenge cause I probably had THE WORST Saturday, so much so that I am very much tempted to believe in urban myths of inauspicious full-moon nights and resorting to grandma's preventive measures of nimboo-mirch and kaala tikka. 

Anyways moving ahead to the actual reason for this post, I had the heartiest laugh when I logged into Twitter yesterday! It's no secret that Twitter is the hot-spot for celeb-interacting/bashing & I know many who have created accounts only because their fav stars have one..  Now some fans can be really naive and between usual 'Hi/Hello/Reply plss' requests, one gentleman tweeted this to Actor Madhavan,
and Madhavan being the sweet guy he is (We at Bollyspice LOVE him), actually complied to the weird request! :) (for the clueless, retweet = forward (in mobile lang))

It didn't quite end there. Turned out another user was sending similar tweets & Actor Siddharth had a different take to it.

Siddharth's tweet was met with a cheeky reply from Allu Sirish

The fun part is, this isnt a one-of case. You will find hordes of such random requests, smart advices, rude suggestions and some s(t)weet nothings of young lads & ladies proclaiming their undying love (sometimes even marriage) to celebs who sportingly take it as a compliment or just brush them aside.

As long as it's all in good humour, a little laugh could do everyone good, noone's complaining ! On that note, maybe 'laughter therapy' could add to my reasons to join twitter!

"Best of Tamil Cinema" book launched in Chennai

For those who harbor affection and fondness, as well as claim their two loves to be Tamil Cinema and Reading, are in for a TREAT as Galatta Cinema recently launched "THE BEST OF TAMIL CINEMA", capturing 80 years of the finest in Tamil Cinema. (Event pics)

Authored by G. Dhananjayan, (Chief of UTV Motion Pictures, South), the book has 2 volumes of 700 pages encompassing details of over 200 films for the past 80 years, including details of the hits as well as the various state & national awards won.

YRF's new banner 'Y FILMS' unveils its animation video!

Originally posted at Bollyspice

Just recently we told you about Yash Raj Films special initiative to cater to its younger audiences with the launch of "Y-Films" supported by an adage that goes, "A New Studio with Films of the Youth, by the Youth, for the Youth". The posters released at the launch were a simple logo embodying revolution.

Now we bring to you the extremely cool animated film unveiled earlier today to kickoff the banner's new logo and brand Y FILMS.

Designed and conceptualized by Nupur Bhargava of Invisible Rabbit, the 30-sec promo shows the journey of the conventional urban youth as he races past life juggling education, society and passion.

Dance your way into Guiness Records with Terrence Lewis!

At the recently held Indian Film Festival 2011 in Melbourne, Munni aka Malaika Arora Khan made over 1200 people dance to her tune for around 3 minutes, thus bestowing the famed 'Munni Badnaam' with yet another honour of The Guiness World of Records. What began as a random jiggy-wiggy by a handful spectators during the movie screening as part of the opening night of the festival, caught the fancy of the Guiness reps and led to 1200 people dancing to choreographed beats of Shiamak's trainers. 

Taking it a step forward, Mumbai-based choreographer Terence Lewis (aka ex-judge Dance India Dance) has accepted the challenge to perform a similar feat in Mumbai this weekend. Everyone is allowed to be part of this BIGGEST Bollywood dance class by joining in on Saturday, 19th March 2011. And though you dont have to be a Munni or a Sheila to be part of it, you definitely need to be able to swing those hips, as the participants would be expected to complete the 1-hr training to avoid being disqualified.

I can't guarantee any glitterati making their presence at this one, but you can surely expect ONE helluva experience! And if you're a little shy or have two left feet, feel free to join in & cheer out loud for the participants!

More details:

To register free log onto www.terencelewis.com
Dress Code: Indian Traditional
Time: 2 pm
Venue: St. Theresa School Ground, Bandra -Mumbai

ART LOFT & Ashish Ghadiali's Creative Writing Workshop @ Mia Cucina

Calling writers, bloggers and more. The Art Loft in collaboration with Ashish Ghadiali is holding a workshop on 'Creative Writing'. So if you love to have fun with words, and harbor the inclination to learn more, head on over to Mia Cucina (Andheri) on Sunday, March 13th at 3:00 pm.

The basic principle behind this course is to transmit the idea that any kind of storytelling starts from recognizing and valuing one’s own unique perspective on the world.

Mia Cucina, Jewel Mahal Shopping Centre, J.P. Road, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400061.

To register please call Patricia on 9930483966
or email at - contact@theartloft.co.in
Note: There will be no on the spot registrations ...Only phone calls/messages/ emails prior to the event i.e 13 th of March will be considered as registrations ...

Further event details here

Bliss is playing host to "ThE TrIbE" - 12th March, 2011

Bliss is playing host to "ThE TrIbE" - a unique traveling store that brings together a group of very Talented and Innovative people to create products for you to buy and Enjoy!!

Location: Bliss, 180, Aram Nagar 1, 7 Bungalows, Versova, Andheri (west), Mumbai 400 061. Landmark – Legacy of China

Rocking for Women Power - Kwan's W.E concert with Genelia, Shaa'ir + Func with Soulmate!

Coinciding perfectly with the occasion and worldwide celebrations of International Women's day, last night, Hard Rock Cafe was the venue for W.E. Rock Concert for Women’s Empowerment organised by KWAN.

Though I couldn't make it for the entire event, I stayed around long enough to get a sneak peek of what a fantastic evening it would eventually turn out to be! !
Hosted by Genelia, with live performances by Shaa'ir + Func and Soulmate, others spotted were Rahul Bose, Aditya Roy Kapoor, VJ/DJ Nikhil, Sandhya Mridul, Shahana Goswami, Purab Kohli.

Lavasa Women's Drive '11 - Chics. Cars. Camaderie. Causes.

I had been meaning to blog about this cause forever, but in between PC crashes, erratic schedules, and other to-do's, I unfortunately didn't make it. 

7:00 am. Sunday. last minute frantic calls, texts, conversations later, being the super-charged morning person that i am :D I found myself at Bandra Reclamation for the flagoff of the Lavasa Women's Drive 2011 organised annually by the Lavasa community.

Brides of Mumbai presents 'Womanize''- A Women's Day Special Exhibition!

With International Women's Day around the corner,Brides of Mumbai is organizing "WOMANIZE", an exclusive exhibition that showcases the finest in fashion and lifestyle across India.

The exhibition will showcase collections of Shaina NC , Rohit Verma and 50 other designers who will display and sell their creations across all budgets.Visitors can shop and further avail of complimentary spa treatments by Powerspa. You could win exclusive hampers by Fleur (Floral and gifting) or a beauty hamper from Auravedic.

A must visit to get your hands on the best in fashion this season!

When: 10:00 to 7:00, 8th-9th March,2011 
Where: World Trade Centre , Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.
Entry Free


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