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Restaurant review - WTF! Versova, Mumbai. 'Where's The Food?'

Given my knack for writing random incidents/experiences coupled with my fixation for trying out new restaurants I had been coaxed into writing restaurant reviews on multiple occasions. But sadly never gave in as judging food is clearly not one of my greatest talents. Eating out is meant to be a fun experience and I could hardly ever be judgmental about it to put in a page or two describing food. But my visit to this particular eating joint left a bitter-sweet taste & since I’m still thinking about it 24 hrs later, I thought it deserved a note. So here goes…

Movie Review - Band Baaja Baaraat * Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh

Beginning of 2010 saw Yash Raj films branching out onto the small screen with couple of television series aiming for wholesome family entertainment. One of the ventures, Rishta.com was about two college friends played by Shruti Seth & Kavi Shastri, who come together to start a matrimonial agency. As two individuals with contrasting personalities, the serial attempted to highlight the chronicles, nuances of new-age relationships and the concept of the age-old matchmaking/arranged marriages in a humorous albeit honest way. The series worked favorably, captured prime-time slots on Sony channel and Isha, Rohan became household names, youth icons. When the series reached its finale, disappointed fans drew out petitions to continue the show & if reports are to be believed plans for season 2 are in place.
However, in the interim, creative’s at YRF worked on the same context, took it to the big screen and presented ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’. So does the big screen output impress me just as much?

Movie Review - Orange (Telugu) * Ram Charan, Genelia

Disclaimer – This post comes from an author whose knowledge of the language isn’t expert. Although I could understand most of what was going on-screen, I did find it a little difficult to catch up with some of the dialogues. So, my review is purely based on my approval and liking of the concept & narration, performances and other production values.
Also, since im gushing about the film, I might accidentally mention off some spoilers to make my point. Pleej excuse!!

‘LOVE’ possibly the most misused word. How do you define love? When do you realize you have fallen in love or out of it? Different insights, definitions, interpretations, but the most widely felt an emotion that can’t be explained. Those in love will preach the same to everyone, those who haven’t been through the feeling will shove it away as insanity. Cards, flowers, gifts, however cliché the ideas and ways of love are, they are still adopted with glee & Valentines is supposedly the highest selling day for retailers. What happens when someone challenges these notions, and attempts to break the shackles of cheesy displays of affection, Is it well accepted by the partner/by people around/loved ones? What does it take to keep love going between two individuals? All this and some more Facebook-age practical love fundas form Bhaskar’s ORANGE – An ‘O’ Range love story

Sydney based Ram (Ram Charan Tej), loves to live his life on his own terms. Be it his sister’s (Manjula) exasperation towards his smoking habits or the fact that his passion (‘naa praan’ as he likes to put it) is graffiti which is considered a crime; he isn’t willing to change his lifestyle or be pretentious for anything or anyone. One quick glance at Jaanu (Genelia), he falls head over heels over her exuberance & innocence. Over the next couple of reels, Ram chases Jaanu over gorgeous Australian backdrops, and soon Jaanu reciprocates his feelings. Almost immediately there is a clash of beliefs. Ram loves Jaanu, he knows that and he isn’t afraid to show it. What he disapproves off is stamping any relationship with an expiry date. He lives by the moment and prefers taking it one-step-at-a-time. (There is a very well put flashback incident in place to rationalize his behaviour) Jaanu completely opposes this philosophy & refuses to believe that relationships aren’t for keeps. The rest of the movie is how Ram and Jaanu advocate their perspectives to each other.

I’ll start off with the easiest that is the performances. Anyone reading this review and is close to RCT, please do give him a huge hug from me. As Ram, Charan is marvelous in every frame. Be it as the adventure-obsessed artist, or as the simpleton preaching honesty in relationships, or as the ‘world’s greatest lover’, he is quirky, charming and a viewers delight. He puts in loads of confidence and conviction to his act, almost as if he is living the character. On the minus, he should work a bit on his facial expressions (loosen up a bit) and his dialogue delivery could be stronger. Genelia as Jaanu works terrifically for me. Her hyperactively cute persona does initially come across as Bommarillu take-2 but post her transformation when she begins self introspection; she embraces the camera extremely well & maintains a stand of her own. (Though she does look tired, I’ll just blame it on the stress her character is going through). Shazahn Padamsee in her small but pivotal role looks gorgeous but can’t be applauded for putting in a credible act. Maybe it’s her unfamiliarity with the language (I haven’t seen Rocket Singh), but she looks uncomfortable.

The film is further smartly propped by other interesting acts by PrakashRaj, Prabhu, Manjula, Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore who lend credible support to the proceedings.

ORANGE’ keeps you engaged right from the start. As an audience, you are well introduced and kept in loop with the characters, their surroundings (key ingredient), their stories, their changing patterns, which helps connect and cherish the movie as a whole. Bhaskar does a fantastic job in crystal clear sketching of characters and story. He knows what he wants, how he wants and even though he is aware of the delicate topic of emotions of love that he is dealing with, he isn’t shy to expose its madness to the audience. His understanding of situations and human behavior that he puts across is spot on. His USP lies in his directness of demonstrating the philosophy that - Making your loved one do something they are hesitant about but goes on to make them happy is the correct thing to do, but making them do something which brings them pain, is unfair. Highlight of the film is that every action is followed by an equally logical and impactful reaction. Case in point – Scene 1: Genelia’s excitement after the lion episode. Scene 2: RCT pointing out Genelia’s sulked face because of their arguments. These are the simple scenes/dialogues which Bhaskar used effectively to show that Love or acts of Love are supposed to bring happiness, not misery in someone’s life. This goes on to show the brilliance, attention to detail and persistence of the director. Total Win!

There is a saying (song?) in a bollywood movie that goes ‘Koi tum ko badal ke pyar kare, toh woh pyar nahin woh sauda kare, aur sahiba pyar mein sauda nahin hota’ (lost in translation: If someone loves you by changing you, it isn’t love, it’s a trade. And love isn’t a business (trade)). Every relationship has a thin line between compromise and sacrifice. Compromises in any relationship are given, sacrifices suffocate the bond in due time. Through Orange, Bhaskar skillfully asserts just that.

Including direction, all other aspects and technical attributes scored well. Visually stunning cinematography convinced me to add Australia to my must-visit places list. Rooba Rooba still refuses to leave my mind, and that it features mera shehar Mumbai makes it extra special. My introduction to Harris’s music was with Ayan which plays regularly on my player and Im delighted that he has one more album I can easily tag as my favourite.

Overall, except for the rushed climax, (which is trivial compared to the wins) there isn’t any aspect of the movie that disappointed. It’s been five hours since I walked out of the theatre, yet the scenes, sequences, laughter, and crowd’s reactions are still fresh in my mind. That says a lot about this movie and it undoubtedly makes it to my ‘recommended’ category. Now can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD! 

Movie Review - The Social Network - 'Dumped'dog billionaire?!?

I was all gaga about this movie from the time the promos first hit Indian shores. I hadn’t heard much about it before, which was quite strange, as I’d expect it to make some noise. Given that im quite a ‘social networking’ person and spend considerable hours on these sites, I deemed myself the perfect audience for the film. A few of my friends were skeptical though, they figured it was just another movie about a bunch of kids trying to get entrepreneurial and makers cashing in on the brand of the most (mis)used networking site on the internet. A friend asked me if he should watch the movie despite not being a Facebook fan or an addict user. I’ll come to that in a bit.

Movie Review - Action Replay * Aishwarya, Akshay Kumar ' All noise, no action, trying to find the fastforward button'

All of us at some point of time have wished we could go back in time and change a thing or two about our life. Well, mercy be, Action Replayy takes the liberty of fantasizing just that. Having seen some very fine films of this director and especially considering that most involved his amazing chemistry with his lead-in-many-films Akshay, it didn’t take a lot for this film to get a average opening (despite not having to many pre-release marketing/promotions). Although I was hugely wary about viewing this one as I didn’t find any aspect of it remotely appealing, I went for it nonetheless expecting at least a decent watchable fare.

First up – let’s try to connect the dots of the scattered beads like plot – In one line – an adolescent son (in 2010) travels back 40 odd years, to his parent’s youth (read 70’s), to correct his parents past, so as to set things right in the present (2010). Did I lose you already?! Read further.
Bunty (Aditya Kapoor) flees at the idea of marriage with girlfriend Tania, blaming it on his experience of the failing marriage of his parents Kishan (Akshay) & Mala (Aishwarya). Unable to take his parents sparring at their 35th anniversary (YUPP! why they are still together is beyond anyone’s comprehension), Bunty decides to travel back in time to the beginning of the Kishen-Mala ki LOVE ishtory and make an attempt to rewrite it. (Brain boggles!!) His timing of thought couldn’t have been more perfect as Tanya's grandfather; Professor Gonsalves (Randhir Kapoor) has invented a time machine (gaudier than LS2050) to transport Bunty into the past. Zoom, boom, kaboom, Bunty is now in the 70’s playing Love guru to help PAA patao MAA (trauma! trauma!!!!)

Everything about Action Replayy spews failure. Firstly the concept of time travel which as it is, is not accepted elatedly requires strong background, story or rationale for the audience to be able to connect to it. ALL of it is lacking in this one. Moreover, the basic premise of the movie as mentioned in one line earlier is impossible to register, relate with. The humor track tries very hard at being haha but except from evoking a couple of smiles (mostly sarcasm or frustration) it comes across as amateurish and superfluous. Ironically, leads on whom the project was spotlighted and promoted have very little to do, besides wheezing through song dances in polkas, bell bottoms and caricatured hairdo’s on hills, carnivals & under shiny disco balls in front of CST (?!?!)

In all, Vipul Shah’s Action Replayy is completely deprived of comprehensible screenplay (let me not even go into intelligence), humour, authenticity to the setup or any other ingredients required to make a film. The loud colours, fancy (bordering on garish) getups do nothing to lift the characters or their acts. The recent flicks OATM and OSO did a greater job at depicting the gone-by eras with far more subtleness and restraint. Here they all look pretty, happy, slightly visually appealing in patches, but sadly abandoned by everyone from the dialogue to the art to the music department.

At the end of it, I wished I want to borrow that time machine, take the film’s tagline ‘REWIND YOUR LIFE’ very seriously and go back in time – just a couple of hrs!
Phukat ka advice: AVOID at all costs. Go next door for Golmaal 3 instead. Atleast it guarantees few laughs of its own.

Movie Review - Golmaal 3 * Ajay Devgn, Kareena, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar, Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Khemu

Golmaal is clearly a brand of sorts and after the curtains close on the third leg of the triology, there’s no guarantee that this is probably the last and you wont be seeing any more of it! Naturally after two successes, the third one carries the weight of expectations especially since it’s the festive season and people would want their time and money’s worth at this now more than ever.

Geeta aka Guddi (Ratna Pathak) & Pritam (Mithun Chakraborty) wish to rekindle their old relationship and are persuaded to enter into marital bliss by Ajay’s girlfriend Daboo (Kareena). This brings the two families under one roof i.e. Geeta’s children Gopal (Ajay), Laxman (Shreyas) & Pritam’s trio – Madhav (Arshad), Lucky (Tusshar) & Laxman (Kunal Khemu). The problem is the two groups detest each other (why? I don’t know – didn’t bother either) and are set to make life living hell for the other! Then there is a case of missing necklace being hunted by short-term-memory-loss goon Puppy (Johnny Lever) his sidekicks Vrajesh Hirjee, Sanjay Mishra. 

And thus begins the third-go-round, of mass-entertainment laughathons where comedy is the only serious business and all logic and rationale (that never was) is not bothered with.

Whats Good: Where the first two editions had 4-5 main characters enough to fill a frame, this one goes notches higher by using 8 lead characters, yet intelligently etching them out to give everyone equal due. Director Rohit Shetty gets full points here, in not letting any actor be a mere prop and giving each of them signifcant showreels. The performance of all actors are subdued, perfect but special mentions to Kareena Kapoor who commands her place among the band of boys, Kunal Khemu, the newbie to the franchise, who fits in comfortably and Sanjay Mishra, who grabs spotlights despite being a peripheral player.

Whats Bad: A scriptless movie works, if the treatment is novel. G3 does nothing new and you will be face-to-face with a lot of recall moments from G1 & G2. So you have it all, flashy colurful carnival-ish lead entries, cars collisions, witless gangsters, inspectors, side-kicks, finale with a comical get-together and even the set looks familiar if I may add so. Small bits of editing could have helped, also the stunts get a little repititive and arent fun anymore.

Where the movie is lost in narration, it gains agreeably with its bucket of jibes, gags and spoofs. (There are times you laugh at the most cliched ones just for the way they are played on screen)

On the whole, Golmaal 3 has its share of hits and misses. Despite its plot being vaguely different from its predecessors, G3 starts & ends on similar styles that Rohit Shetty is accustomed to and sticks to it earnestly. Compared to the previous films, this does have an extra dose of indistinct abuses and suggestive sequences which may not sit well with families. Nonetheless, Golmaal as promised is a light package of merriment & humour that blends in with the mood of the festivities. Sharp dialogues, strong ensemble and patches of fun make Golmaal a decent watch for the holidays.

Movie Review - Jhootha Hi Sahi *John Abraham , Pakhi

Those who read my reviews regularly, would vouch that Im rarely harsh about a movie and there has hardly been an instance where I have been unsuccessful in finding atleast one bright spot in the most terrible film. Otherwise, I merely refrain from writing about it. Sadly, that resolve breaks with ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’ and I have to say, this has to be one of the extremely distasteful movie of the year.

We have Sid (John Abraham), Pakistani friend Omar (Raghu Ram of Roadies fame) running a bookshop in London named 'Kagaz Ke Phool’. Sid’s number gets mixed up with that of a suicide helpline and instead of getting it fixed, he voluntarily agrees to provide consultations to bunch of callers with suicidal tendencies. Whilst not getting into the legalities of having permissions or expertise of the profession, let me also mention here that the helpline is again purely DESI and for desi’s! Anyhow, as fate would have it, our heroine Mishka (Pakhi) calls in wanting to be talked out of ending her life and in true Bollywood romantic flicks style, our hero falls for her. 

Yes, couple of reels later Sid bumps into her when she visits his bookstore. However, see the twist is, Sid knows Mishka as his desperate-advise-seeking-caller, but Mishka doesn’t know Sid as her (k)night-in-phone-friend. Yet Sid won’t reveal the big mystery right away, because he is shy around beautiful girls (though he has a stunner of a girlfriend). He’ll just play along, spend sleepless nights being agony-aunt, and hope someday the truth will be out and everyone will live happily ever after, while his friends muse ‘Tu usse sach kab bata raha hai’. Now where have I heard this one before – Saajan, Aur Pyaar ho gaya, Rehna hai tere dil mein maybe? Then there’s the whole set of friends-clones with their set of problems or so made to be.

Despite it being inspired or borrowed or whatever, the story is quite an interesting one and so it’s disheartening that a fairly horizontal plot with a strong promise just fails to be. There’s clear lack of direction and screenplay is scattered all over the place. Add to it, the slow pace and the fact that the other supporting roles aren’t flawless either, do not help. Like why is the pregnant sister refusing to marry her loving boyfriend is one of the example of the many poorly etched characters.

Mistake 1: It’s sinful to pick up bunch of references from MUCH-LOVED Hollywood movies/sitcoms and try to desi-fy them with absolutely nil depth or direction or creativity.
Mistake 2: and top it with a setting that is a foreign land (and characters have no trace of Brit-accent??).
Mistake 3: You just don’t cast for the sake of making a film or pleasing your loved ones, there has to be some connect somewhere. Or atleast screen presence. Or atleast chemistry. Or atleast acting capability. Not too much to ask, is it?
Mistake 4: You don’t put together dysfunctional cast with attributes like nerd, Japanese (?!), alter-ego, gay, Asian, and then provide absolutely no track, justification, or history behind them. It’s neither cute nor funny!
Mistake 5: You don’t cast actors like Madhavan in insignificant roles that even out-of-work actors would refuse.

And with that I hardly have anything more to say about this disaster of a movie. I am greatly disappointed and hoping that John tries to redeem himself from yet another blotch to his filmography and sticks to movies like Dostana. He was good in the movie, and so he was in Aashayein too, but when the plot is this flawed, there is no scope for anyone to add any points to his career graph with such a film.

Verdict: JHS should be rechristened ‘‘X ways to bungle up a film’’ and be used as a case-study in schools for ‘upcoming directors/scriptwriters’ as an example of what you should absolutely NOT DO while making/writing a film.

P:S: I have deliberately steered clear from any mention of ‘Jaane tu…’ because any comparisons with that movie are futile.

Movie Review - Letters to Juliet

Amidst annoying chic-flicks and ‘wannabe’ romantic comedies, it's a nice surprise to stumble across a film of the genre that DOESN'T ‘try-hard-to-be’ and LETTERS FROM JULIET was that surprise for me. Since this was one of those films, for which the trailer gave away most of the plot, I had not expected to see anything incredible, but it ended up being a double romantic payoff, beautifully portrayed, directed and performed.

New Yorker Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is on a pre-honeymoon vacation with restaurateur fiancé Victor (Gael Bernal) in the picturesque Verona, Italy. While exploring the city, Sophie visits the historic home of Juliet Capulet (from the Shakespeare classic ROMEO & JULIET) where she discovers a fifty-year-old letter hidden in the stonewall (a place where the heartbroken leave notes asking Juliet for her help). The letter was written by a British girl, to her Italian lover, who she abandoned to please her strict parents. Sophie innocently answers the letter, only to discover that the girl, Claire, (Vanessa Redgrave), now a woman in her sixties, has traveled to Verona, accompanied by her grandson Charlie (Chris Egan) in search of her lost lover, hopeful by Sophie’s response. Bored and neglected, as fiancé Vector is occupied meeting vendors for his restaurant, Sophie agrees to accompany Claire and Charlie on her quest for finding Claire’s lost love. You can easily work out the rest of it. In fact, you can guess the whole film based on the 2+ minute trailers.

The major part of the movie rests on the delicate shoulders of Amanda, who does her part efficiently. The gem of the movie however is Vanessa Redgrave. Her grace, wit, mischievously hinting eyes reminded me of the older Rose (Gloria Stuart - Titanic). She is beautiful, irresistibly charming and the scenes between her and real-life husband Franco Nero together are an eclectic combination of bittersweet, poignant, and the most compelling reason to watch the film. The weak link is Christopher Egan, whose oppressive square Brit act is an unwelcome contrast to the sidetracked but moderately appealing Victor. (Still none of the male leads are even remotely gorgeous or swoon-worthy as expected for the Italian backdrop)

Oh ‘Letters to Juliet’, why do I adore thee? Let’s summarize the reasons: there are no pretentions, no bad blood, no going back & forth, no unfunny jokiness or  amateurish tendencies, no clichéd dialogue or people or scenes - just one intricately woven love story, two enchanting Italian romances and dollops of Italian scenic beauty. While it does not break any new paths, the movie is aptly supported by the leading ladies genuine conviction, that slivers through the mushiness to make the predictable plot feel real and touching, while steering clear of the schmaltz of candy floss melodramas.

So it's not a great flick, it’s an indulgence (chocolates/desserts kind), a lazy afternoon leisure and the perfect substitute for ‘chicken soup’ on those feeling low days. Portrait landscapes of delightful Italian countryside, lighthearted gestures, conversations, and immensely affable cast make "Letters to Juliet" worthwhile, even if you've seen it before. Many times before. Recommended.


Talk around Tinsel Town- Lots happening in Tinsel town in the final quarter of the year. Lots of Big releases, gossips, news and views. Read further as I pick the famous few!

* ROBOT ROBOT ROBOT! Superstar Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai starrer is making a splash not in our circuits but internationally as well. Although the Hindi version started slow, picked up latter through WOM, Tamil numbers don’t fit on my calculator screen. Read my review on it and read Anuvab Pal's smart take on Rajinikanth v/s Ayodhya verdict.
If he (Rajinikanth) showed up at a disputed site, that's where a temple, mosque, church, synagogue would come up in simultaneous harmony. His answer to Ayodhya was one simple sentence: 'I am Superstar Rajinikanth and I have a new movie.' HAIL THALAIVAR!

* KBC new seasons starts soon. The changes to the format were revealed at a media meet last week.
In the help lines: Audience poll, phone-a-friend stays, 50/50 option is replaced with a new helpline- Ask the Expert. ‘Watch’ is called ‘Ghadiyal Babu’ while ‘Computer Ji’ remains as is. Prize money is now Rs 5 crore. The show also gets a new name ‘KBC 2010’ and not KBC season 4.

* Speaking of KBC, anyone up for lunch with BIG B? You don’t have to pay the bill, but you do need to bid for the lunch date. The current bid is standing at INR 1,002,000.00 (Approximately US $22,529.97). Read about it here http://bit.ly/cLqLcR

* BIG BOSS 4 starts with song, dance, and drama in full force, Salman at his wicked best, and if you’re wondering about some unknown names, some of the profiles are ex-Mr India, ex-model, Pakistani host , Splitsvilla winner, chor, daaku, Kasab’s ex-lawyer among others. Think it sounds like fun, catch the ‘mazaa andar, mazedar bahar’ episodes onCOLORS’ starting today!

* But no reality show is without its share of controversies. The Shiv Sena and MNS have threatened to stall the run of BIG BOSS, protesting the inclusion of Pakistani artistes in the 4th season hosted by Salman Khan.

* Hisss star Mallika Sherawat will be a special guest at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival in Doha, Qatar end October.

* All those who thought Anjaana Anjaani rocked (Im not one of you-my review) Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor will romance again in Anurag Basu’s 'Silence'.

* It’s raining endorsements for celebs. After Malaika Arora-Khan gets signed for Zandu Blam, Bipasha Basu will endorse Emami. Asin for Amrutanjan, Aamir Khan is the new ambassador for Mahindra Two Wheelers, Sameera Reddy for MTS mobiles, Karishma Kapoor for Puretta Baby wipes.

* Ajay Devgn, Akshaye Khanna starrer 'Aakrosh' closes its fight with the censor board, gets an A certificate and prepares for its release on 15th October.

There are some good, bad and some very bad movies lined up! :)

* Ram Gopal Varma sings for his next – RAKHT CHARITRA. Although RGV is singing the telugu version, Suresh wadkar is doing the same is Hindi

* No Problem Theatrical Trailer is out! Yipee! It stars Sanjay Dutt, Akshaye Khanna, Kangana Ranaut, Sushmita Sen, Anil Kapoor, Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal and Neetu Chandra. *PHEW* and is a December 10th release.

* Theatrical Trailer of 'Break ke Baad' starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone is out. Looks like IHLS without Sonam. Anyone else feels Imran is getting typecasted?!

* Knock Out promo is out staring Kangana Ranaut, Sanjay Dutt and Irfan Khan, directed by Mani Shankar, scheduled to release on 15 October 2010. Yet another remake for Btown, this one is picked of ‘Phone booth’ starring Collin Farell

What’s brewing this week!

* Superstar Rajinikanth will be in Mumbai on Monday, October 04, 2010 for a special screening of ROBOT at a suburban theatre.

* A book on KBC will be launched on Oct 7th and will be available at leading stores for 95/-. Don’t know what the contents are, will have to wait till the launch.

Cine-scope this Friday! (Films releasing 8th October 2010)(Not the complete list, only selective ones)

* Crook (Hindi) – Starring – Emraan Hashmi, Arjan Bajwa, Neha Sharma (Hindi debut)

Crook: It's Good To Be Bad is based on the racial attacks on Indian students in Australia and will look into segregation, discrimination and racism among all kinds of people. Emraan Hashmi plays the role of an Indian middle class guy who goes to Australia in search of a better life. His character is a crook who, at times, uses unfair means in his life to achieve his goals. Neha Sharma plays a girl born and brought up in Australia who tries to mend the cultural gap between Indians and Australians.

What works: Combinations of Emraan hashmi and Mohit Suri have given decent hits at the box office with Raaz2. Hopefully they repeat it.

What does not work: There is nil pre-release hype for the movie. There have been no marketing efforts from the team and hardly anything is known about the movie, which is leading to no curiosity to watch in theatres. Previous week’s releases Robot, Anjaana Anjaani are still going strong and may have a cascading effect on the opening.

* Do Dooni Chaar (Hindi) – Starring – Rishi and Neetu Kapoor

When was the last time you saw something - on a window display, on Amazon.com, in the flight magazine - and told yourself, 'Someday, I'll buy that!'? Santosh Duggal fights that battle almost every day! When Duggal’s sister comes visiting to invite them to a wedding at her in-laws, she gives them an ultimatum: They have to come by a car. The only problem is that the Duggals don't own a car. After putting together all their resources, one big hole remains to be filled. Do Dooni Chaar talks of the middleclass man and his struggle in coping with the fast, new 'India Shining'.

What works: The movie marks the comeback of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh as a lead pair on the big screen albeit a completely different avatar wherein they play husband wife of a middle class family. Also, the central theme laced with humor can score well with the particular section of the society

What does not work: Small budget, unimpressive musical score, no fancy names, no foreign locations - movie boasts of none of the usual requirements of an average cinegoer these days. Hopefully, the lead couple should be able to pull in crowds and even if the opening isn’t huge, word of mouth should be strong to help the film sustain. In addition, since it’s a family movie, first 3 weeks of October is a time forexams etc, which could also deter audiences. Again, it is bound to receive competition from Robot, Anjaana Anjaani.

Tweet (le) birdie told me! (Kyunki har Tweet kuch kehta hai!)
(Disclaimer: No vocabulary/grammatical corrections done. Decode at your own risk :) )

While KARAN JOHAR goes on a twitter sabbatical, latest entrant to join Twitter is choreographer/director FARAH KHAN. (in time for Tess Maar Khan promotions?)

@Thefarahkhan Off 2 shoot last 2 days of entrtnment ke liye.sad n relieved.wi miss the show.lekin shairi se toh chutkaara milega.sorry 4 calng it shairi.

@beingsalmankhan Was watching usha uthup ji , she rocks , a total rock star. .

@priyankachopra http://moby.to/fcj848 - Bloody traffic.. Uff.. I have a flt to make.. Tryin to calm my nerves listenin to tujhe bhula diya.. Its my anthem

@realprietyzinta Meetings , meetings and more meetings today ! Phew ! I hate sitting in one room and in one seat ! Grrrrrr ! Need to get out and stretch ....

@iamsrk direction deptt says i am delaying shoot by coming late on sets. this is a first in 20 yrs, bas yehi sunna reh gaya tha..ha ha.

@deepikapadukone Shooting for fiama last couple of days...hair shoots are THE most exhausting!but completely worth it...

@vivek_oberoi The gym is empty..cmon,workout with me! I need inspiration tweeps..waiting 4u sleepyheads to WAKE UP!!! ;) lol http://plixi.com/p/47705794

@bipsluvurself http://twitpic.com/2ttnwp - RockyS my dearest friend shares his bday wth al these grt ppl!No wonder he is al heart!Love him:)

@bomanirani working on 4 movies right now. Don2, bullet train, stand by me, ferrari ki sawari.

@riteishd Watching Rakhi Sawant on IndiaTV 's Aap ki Adalat - she is too entertaining- enjoying d show

@duttalara Off 2 a european sojourn before joining my cast & crew in Berlin! Best friend is getting married so going 2 b a 'best woman' 4 the 1st time!

@anumpampkher Fether called from Simla,"Do you know why when Canada has day, we have nite?""You tell me Dad."" I also don't know,Ask ur twitter friends.:)

@R_khanna (Rahul Khanna) On a quest for inspiration for a piece @VogueIndia has commissioned me to write. New Blank Document, you're a cruel mistress.


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