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Short Story in 140.... Twitter style!

Posted on twitter last nite as sleep evaded me!

You remember how I was complaining a while back that thanks to my incessant tweeting, I sometimes have not too much left to blog about . Here's another fine example of it. Term it pure laziness or creativity with 140, have got in tweeting short stories instead of blogging long ones. Here are a few - (I'll keep updating as I go, so please keep coming back) Love.


She sat on the shore,sky-gazing, musing if anyone was looking down at her! Meanwhile waves caressed her ankles, vying for her attention..


He had a bad day at work. Tempted to grab drinks with the boys. Instead went home, saw a twinkle in her eyes. His light in the dark tunnel.


'you ok?' He asked seeing her sad face. 'Im fine' she said. He smiled & walked away. She sighed, her heart aching for her girlfriends.


She lounged in the moonlight, fingers tapping BB lazily, novel swayed in the breeze, wine stared enticingly, her Saturday romance continued.


Denizen - Celeb endorsement win? with Monica Dogra aka Shaair

I was having an argument with a colleague who stated as a matter of fact , that no-one buys stuff just because their favorite stars endorse it. Point taken! And I know majority would nod their heads in agreement. Although studies would prove otherwise, that incase of the most popular (say top3-5), sales have shown an accelerated growth after a brand has roped in any of the top stars. Celebrity endorsements have always been a debatable topic. But this post has not much to do with this debate. Personally I couldn't care too much about buying the car SRK promoted or using Navratna because he advocates it'll keep everyone cool! (& then some other brands I just can't afford)

Coming back to the reason behind this post - I recently picked up the Denizen Jeans by Levi. I remembered falling in love with the ad (again the jingle! concept=HUH?), So it made me wonder, if the ad was what helped me make a purchase decision, did this mean it was a celeb endorsement win? Coz, that's the first objective of having a brand ambassador right? Make the brand relatable, have a recall value! Or was it just the ad that nudged me towards the jeans rack? So then it makes it the adverts win, correct?

Not sure, either way, I did end up contributing to the sale; that the company surveys unabashedly show-off when they've to justify the marketing spends on signing up a star. Guess, it was a brand win anyhow! Mission accomplished for them!

But I would definitely love to hear your thoughts - Do celebrity endorsements help you make purchasing decisions? Would you buy make-up coz Kareena says she uses it or would you change your shampoo cause you have faith in what Katrina sells? Post your comments below. 

p:s: while you muse on that, sing along - round & round on this ride, I got you in my thoughts.......

Ad mad - Canon makes it click with Anushka Sharma

It's been sooo long that any ad has made me smile on the basis of its concept. Yes there are some which are addictive but more so coz of catchy jingles but Canon's latest TVC makes it 'click' purely on the the way it has been shot and the whole idea behind it! It helps mighty that they have Anushka adding extra flounce and flair , so appeal taken a notch higher!

Yo! 'Ad-agencies with big budgets and no innovation' take a note! these are the kind of ads that actually make audiences click! ! Love

The TVC is directed by Koushik Sarkar and the production house is Apostrophe Films.

Short Story - Do I know you?

Having written my last much-loved fictional story months back, trying my hand at little short ones. Like someone told me, they're mystique, intriguing, leave much to interpretation & desire. :D hope you like it!

They met months after their break-up. When she saw him from across the cash counter, thoughts rushed back - of good times, of not so-good fights and a harsher break-up. In retrospect it all seemed a little immature to her now. It seemed like just yesterday when they were contemplating marriage. She remembered it all well, the smile, the confident gait, the cheating, the other woman. Her heart skipped a beat as he walked towards her, she agonized, wanting to tell him she missed him, that maybe they could try and work it out, that maybe she did over-react a bit, that mistakes happen, that she was willing to forgo and start afresh....

'You look good', he said flashing the disarming dimples. She smiled.
'I've met someone, but maybe we should get together tonight just for old times sake's', he continued.

She took a deep breadth, closed her eyes to hide her tears. She held onto her pride, smiled and said,

"I'm Sorry Sir, but do I know you?"

Indie indulgence - A love affair of "shorts"

Such a fabulous time for Indie scene in India. Short documentaries made on minimal to negligible budgets with a great heart and aspiration to educate, influence, inspire whilst entertaintaining minus the pop-gum culture of song-dance routine of commercial cinema. This rebellious form of cinema, restricted to film festivals, is regaining its faith, gearing to surge ahead. Creative bunch is flourishing, gen-z is waking up to this otherwise ignored cousin of cinema, theatre's are working customised avenues for release and films themselves are taking extra efforts to connect with the audiences.

I personally love short films/documentaries. Where else do you get such a beautiful concoction of sublime, poetry, intrigue blended together in perfection! Yes, we all love the glitz, power, build-up of the commercial Bollywood movie, but its orgasmic to engage in films that pushes boundaries, challenges to be exciting and unique.

My love affair with 'shorts' began couple years ago, when I was introduced to 'Unnoticed Love' by Amit Verma ..(p:s: if the actor seems familiar, he is director Punit Malhotra from KJO camp)!

And so it grew, the older I got, the addiction got worse. Last year , Sudhish Kamath's Good Night Good Morning completely swept me away (anyone stalking me for the past yr would have noticed my pimping the movie like none other). Earlier this week, another movie I've loads of faith 'Kshay' won an award at the IFFLA in LA.

This morning, I received a link to yet another very well put together film.
If you haven't explored this genre yet, now is a good time to start. Go ahead. Share your thoughts ! !

Ek Main aur Ekk Tu

Joining the increasing list of remakes Dharma productions present ‘Ekk Main Aur Ekk Tu’ the self-proclaimed copy of its Hollywood borrowing ‘What happens in Vegas’.

Helmed by first time director Shakun Batra, it won’t take a genius to deduce that for a film named EMAET, premise is as simple as – boy meets girl, they laugh, cry and exchange life sermons. Add to that the film belongs to the new-age contemporary love story genre so we know that the boy will be as glum and the girl will be as gregarious as it gets. As soon as the characters are introduced, you immediately conclude that the first half will be been-there-done-that situations where gloominess bonds with gregariousness, the second half will see fights, misunderstandings, families, compromises, outbursts leaving just enough reels to roll up into its perfectly carved climax.


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